For individuals who feel they may be exposed to elevated personal risk whilst in Indonesia due to their employment, wealth or nationality, we provide a full close protection and executive security service.

We adopt a low-profile approach to protect visitors who have concerns about their safety during their visit, but who wish to maintain their privacy and fulfil their engagements, with the knowledge that a local security team is close at hand should any situation arise.

We use a small pool of English speaking Police men and women who are permitted when off duty to provide close armed or unarmed protection for foreign clients. They have many years of operational experience in similar assignments.

If required, we will bring in special staff with military and ministerial security experience. Protection officers can travel with the client or in a chase vehicle.

For most events, before the program starts, we plan and test the routes, survey the location and make contact with the hotel or building security to agree procedures and parking, and submit a report, plan, budget and recommendations to the principal for their approval.

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    Why clients choose us...

    We design and tailor a service to fit what you need to achieve when moving around busy, unpredictable and chaotic city of Jakarta. We will prepare a run sheet of the event, and will keep you updated as it happens. On the day we handle language, cultural, communications, and operational interface with police, drivers and agents. We will accommodate changes of plan and bring in additional resources (vehicles, agents, drivers, bikes) at short notice, if needed.

    • Please tell us briefly what you you want to do, where and when
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    • After a few iterations we will arrive at the agreed service plan and costings