If you are on an important business trip, or are a foreign VVIP visitor or official, the Police Escort Jakarta Chauffeur team can arrange police outriders for airport transfers, as directed, or other movements.

This VVIP service is safe, secure, and guarantees getting to your meetings or flight as quickly as possible, even through heavy city traffic.

A Jakarta Limo Police Outrider escort halves the journey times to or from the airport and for journeys around the city area.

Six benefits from using this service

Jakarta VIP Executive Protection

Halves Journey Time

Time taken through Jakarta traffic is halved; more time for meetings; you will make your flight.

Elite Outriders

The highly trained police outriders normally escort VVIPs, Ministers and Heads of State.

Special Routes

Your convoy will be waived through junctions and can take special routes, turns and shortcuts.

Top Class Chauffeur

Your driver is police-trained to drive in a convoy though traffic at normal or high speeds.

Custom Vehicles

Vehicles are equipped with lights, sirens, walkie-talkies & scanners for police communication.
Jakarta VIP Executive Protection

VIP Parking Bay

Your Police Escort Jakarta can use VIP spots at Airport & Hotels –  ready for when you leave.

The service may be licensed for foreign VIPs.  For a convoy service, one to four motorbike outriders will be provided together with a specially equipped vehicle.  The police officers providing the escort will have a letter of authority which permits them to drive and park a Jakarta Limo wherever is needed, including diplomatic and private bays at the airport,  and at hotels or office forecourts.

Jakarta VIP drivers are drawn from a small pool of the most experienced chauffeurs in Indonesia. They have been police-trained in fast and safe convoy driving techniques. A Chauffeur and his police outriders work and communicate as a close knit and indivisible core operating unit.

Licensed armed or unarmed security officers and/or close protection agents can also be provided for VIP airport services, either inside the principal’s car or in a chase vehicle.

A Jakarta VIP Police Escorted Airport Transfer: two outriders

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