Whether you are on an important business trip or a foreign VIP visitor, Jakarta VIP Services can arrange police escorted conveys and close protection for airport transfers and special driving assignments. Our service is safe, secure, and guarantees to get your meetings or flight as quickly as possible, even through heavy city traffic. In fact our police escorted conveys half most journey times through Jakarta.

For this high speed convoy service, one to four motorbike outriders will be provided together with a special custom MPV. The outrider service is licensed for foreign VIPs and the accompanying police officers will have a letter of authority from their commander which permits them to drive and park wherever is needed, including diplomatic and private spots at the airport, and at hotel and office lobbies.

The driver of the MPV has been trained by this group of four police outriders in fast and safe convoy driving techniques, and has been driving VIPs in and around Jakarta since 2010. The driver, vehicle and police outriders form a close knit and indivisible core operating unit.

The vehicle used is deliberately unobtrusive and discreet, but is new and has been customized and retrofitted with high volume sirens, radio scanners and USA imported Whelen Engineering emergency lights.

If a special vehicle is required (eg an S Class) it will join the convoy as the second car.

Licensed armed or unarmed security and/or close protection escort can also be provided inside the main car or in chase vehicles.

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Save Time

Your journey through heavy Jakarta traffic is halved; giving you more time for meetings and ensuring you make your flight.

VIP Outriders

You will be escorted by highly trained police outriders who escort VIPs, ministers and heads of State.

Special Routes

Your convoy will be waived through junctions and can take special routes, turns and shortcuts if needed.

Trained Chauffeurs

Your driver will be police-trained to travel in convoys at normal, fast or at high-speed through traffic.

Customized Vehicle

Our vehicles are discreetly fitted with emergency blue lights, sirens, scanners, and a public address system.

Police Escorted

Your police escort will accompany you into the hotel office forecourt and will be there when you are ready to leave.