At Jakarta VIP Services we can arrange all aspects of ground transportation and security for your event. We developed detailed quotations, plans and run sheets for and address every last detail of your trip for a smooth professional service.

We will source clean modern vehicles, experienced chauffeurs and security agents and supervise all personnel during the service.

Before the event, and for every job we undertake we select and check the best vehicle and hold a detailed briefing with the driver.  For Police escorted services this is done in conjunction with the Police outriders, and will cover routes, driving and convoy protocols, signalling, pick up and drop off, and communications.

We plan the quickest (not necessarily the shortest) routes and estimate timings for the itinerary

During the event we track the location of the protection agents, drivers, vehicles and their passengers according to the schedule, and adapt it according to local traffic and weather conditions on the day

We have procured and managed the ground transportation (including providing 16 police outriders and 22 Alphards) for large events in Jakarta such as the Prudential Global Board meeting, their Investor conference meeting, and smaller events (of 5-15 people) for a variety of large US and Australian companies whose senior executive are meeting in and around Jakarta.

We also work for Embassies and Consulates where they need VIP and secure driving services which do not qualify for provision by the Indonesian Government

Whilst most events are in Jakarta, they have also extended into Bali, Suabaya, Bandung and other regional cities.

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    Why clients choose us...

    We design and tailor a service to fit what you need to achieve when moving around busy, unpredictable and chaotic city of Jakarta. We will prepare a run sheet of the event, and will keep you updated as it happens. On the day we handle language, cultural, communications, and operational interface with police, drivers and agents. We will accommodate changes of plan and bring in additional resources (vehicles, agents, drivers, bikes) at short notice, if needed.

    • Please tell us briefly what you you want to do, where and when
    • We will reply with a suggested service plan based on your message
    • After a few iterations we will arrive at the agreed service plan and costings